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VA Realtor

A knowledgeable VA Realtor is worth more than gold!


Being a true VA realtor requires specific knowledge that not all Virginia realtors have. This knowledge comes from living in the area for many years, knowing every single detail and feature of Virginia. Such interests has driven Bryan Cornell to become a VA realtor and help others fulfill their dream of home ownership.

Bryan Cornell has lived in the Hampton Roads area for 16 years. He was originally brought here by the U.S. Navy and stationed in Newport News, VA. After the military, he went through and graduated from Northrop Grumman Apprentice School and worked for Northrop Grumman. Since then, Bryan has been involved in sales and business ownership as well as being a Virginia realtor.

Thanks to his previous experience, he has in-depth knowledge of the Hampton Roads area and the people who live here. In addition, he is an outgoing individual who cares about the people he works with. Therefore, Bryan is constantly working on selling a home of someone’s dreams, based on the customer’s passion which he is able to detect easily. You can be sure that he will present you a home that you surely deserve and dream about, rather than the one from which he could benefit and profit from. Because, finding a perfect home is not a matter of materialistic thoughts, but a mission to find a place which a family will most surely appreciate.


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I’ve worn many hats in my career – U.S. NAVY Veteran, Shipyard Electrician, Marketer, Salesman, Business Owner, and Realtor. As a result, I have the unique ability to relate to your situation and help you achieve the goals you want. Owning a home is an American dream that is not always easy to obtain. Finding the right realtor is the first step toward home ownership

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